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Having fun with 404 error pages – Helps in increasing traffic to the website!

The Error 404 with a message Page not found is the error page displayed whenever someone asks for a page that is simply not available on your website. The reason behind this is that there may be a link on your site that was wrong or the page might have been recently removed from the site.

Sep 26, 2013   |   Posted in : Internet Marketing
Give your web presence a new touch this Christmas with our innovative web design solutions

Christmas is a time to celebrate and rejoice all realms and reflections of life. Well, this time has arrived this year and has brought along with itself the gifts of fortune and prosperity with itself. On behalf of the entire Biztech family, we wish the best of everything to our clients and promise to contribute [...]

Dec 14, 2012   |   Posted in : Fun & Events
Biztech commemorates its stupendous six-year journey with a grand Annual Function!

Our Annual Function is considered to be the most important events organized by the Company. As a family, we come together and celebrate our success and achievements we have accomplished over one year. We have always aimed higher and higher with every passing year and have been successful in meeting complex goals and objectives!

Dec 13, 2012   |   Posted in : Fun & Events
nopCommerce Development The ultimate answer to your e-commerce development needs!

nopCommerce is a highly popular e-commerce solution which can be freely downloaded from its official site. The open source software is backed by an active community of dedicated nopCommerce developers who make it a point to further enhance by adding new features & functionalities.

Sep 1, 2012   |   Posted in : Ecommerce Development
PHP Development Solutions – Solidify your presence on the internet

Php is a world renowned server side scripting language used for programming purposes. It was mainly aimed at building web pages that were dynamic in nature. However, with the passage of time, the role of Php has widened and it is now used for powering highly interactive websites, web applications, e-commerce websites and much more. Use Php with MySQL and get yourself a wonderful website.

Jan 2, 2012   |   Posted in : Php Web Development
Some important website design validations you should not ignore

It is very important to have an impeccable website for your business. But how do you ensure this? Well, there are a number of services available on the web which helps you in making sure that your website is free of errors.

Dec 26, 2011   |   Posted in : Web Design
17 crucial magento plug-ins

Magento plug-ins are a blessing for online store owners. These allow you to automate many tasks which otherwise would consume a lot of time. Listed below are some 17 plug-ins which you should have in your online store.

Dec 26, 2011   |   Posted in : Magento Development
Drupal – A Versatile Content Management System

Drupal is written in PHP, it can be used for building forums, social networking, multimedia, event calendars, user management and permission features, customization of page layout, development of large and complex websites, and much more. Websites developed with Drupal are highly advanced and quite visually appealing.

Dec 26, 2011   |   Posted in : Content Management System
Scatter glory in your web pages this Christmas with Biztech

The frills and booms of Christmas have started knocking the doors of the cold old December. New Year is on the rise and everything that is past is to become a remembrance of the yester tear. 2012 is set to place its foot in and along with that is bound to come a lot of happiness and prosperity and happiness in lives throughout the world.

Dec 21, 2011   |   Posted in : Fun & Events
Websites – money minting machines, how?

In recent years websites have become highly popular. Some centuries ago, no one could have imagined earning money with websites. Yet, with the right technologies in place, people have now started earning millions of dollars with websites.

Dec 14, 2011   |   Posted in : Internet Marketing